Welcome to MVP Haircuts

At MVP Haircuts, we've created the perfect place to get a great haircut at a great price. To make things even better, we do all of this in our unique sports stadium environment. Being here makes you feel like you are "In the Game".

That's why at MVP Haircuts our Customers are: "Guaranteed a Victory"

Where else can you walk in, without an appointment, and catch the big game in high definition. Our stores feature high quality, flat screen LCD televisions throughout. With a TV at every station, you'll never miss a minute of the action. At MVP Haircuts, we provide a full range of hair care services in an environment that cannot be matched.

MVP HAIRCUTS to the rescue

Going for a haircut isn't as bad as going to the dentist but let's face it... it's never been something you looked forward to. That is all changing!

Thinking about going to a women's salon full of chemical odors, pastel colors, and feminine magazines? How great it would be to get your hair cut in a friendly atmosphere, while watching the game or Sportscenter highlights on your very own flat-panel LCD television?

We have created a guy friendly environment in which to get a great hair cut at a fair price. Our waiting area has two big screen LCD televisions showing sports, and all the latest magazines that you want to read! Our walls are covered with hall-of-fame sports figures and autographed jerseys of sports stars from all over.

Support your Home Team. All MVP Haircuts are family owned and operated.